About us

Christian Community is a group of devoted Christians and followers of Christ who decided to develop a brand that Christians and Believers worldwide can stand by and support with confidence. We are extremely dedicated followers of Christ who strive daily to be imitators of the Lord in our attitudes, behaviour, and character. In doing so we are working on fashion, apparel, accessories, and many home decor products to bring to you and we are so excited to do so. Many other products and categories in the works!

Our mission is to truly deliver the best quality products and the best possible prices. Alongside this to provide an experience and community with engagement that you’d always remember from the first visit to our site to the product arriving art your doorstep to the engagement and community you can get involved with. In saying that we want to make sure you understand that your experience and our service is something we’ll never compromise.

We’re involved and a part of many charitable organizations, and really passionate about supporting the needy / kids in India, Africa, and other oversea countries we’re supporting and working on expanding this support as well. We’ll be uploading pictures of the Lords work for you to check out and really see where your support is going.

This is where that 10% of your total purchase / our total revenue will go to supporting, helping, feeding, and offering clean water, food, clothing for the ones that need it most. This is something we’re very passionate about.

So, these are the main reasons for the development of Christian Community, to first offer a brand all Christians can support and in doing so we can truly help the ones in need at the same time and also have a great community engaged in sharing their testimonies on how they found Christ and when they came to Him.

May the Lord strengthen us all and give us the courage to continue growing in His knowledge and grace that knows no limits.

God bless!

Christian Community Team